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Foreskin Restoration System

Mel's Project (My Progress & Results)

Below I provide as accurate of an accounting of my progress as possible.  This section is always "in development", so check back for updates.   


>>>>>NEW as of 2 2010<<<<<

Well, it has been a while since I uploaded any pics of myself (not much going on, still making gains here and there – though my tugging efforts these days is slow; I’m pretty much done, any gains now is just being GREEDY!).   Anyway, I did want to provide some updated pics – just as an FYI.

In this photo, you can clearly see the good wrinkles in the foreskin (from front and sides)



In this photo, you can clearly see the wrinkles in the skin bunching up behind the glans (and along the shaft)         



Here is a more “panoramic” view (up close and personal)   



Sitting is ALWAYS the BEST coverage ya get!!! 



Coronal Hug (inner skin hugging corona upon erection) – 2/2008

The below 2 pics show my inner skin "hugging" my corona (sitting and standing) upon a semi full erection. You can clearly see the delineation between "inner" (pinkish) and "outer" (tan-ish) skin. This is the first time (i think) that the inner skin has so "tightly" hugged the corona (and stayed there!).  I'm still using my DILE (recently introduced a new version now), and it appears to be (as intended) focusing tension on inner skin.

                            cornal hug


>>>>>NEW as of 12 2006<<<<<

animated gif of "3 types of coverage"

In the below "gif" you will see that depending on how I "dress" my glans, I have 3 types of coverage.  If I let for foreskin rollover the glans naturally, I have one type of coverage ("natural"); if I pull the foreskin forward, I have another type of coverage ("pulled"); and if I "balloon" the foreskin first and then set the skin in place, I have another type of coverage ("balloned"). 

                                                    3 types of coverage


>>>>>NEW as of 12 2006<<<<<

animated gif of "Gliding Action"

In the below "gif" you will see that I have more than enough skin to provide for good "roll over."  The quality of the images (due to conversion to "gif") is not great, but if you look carefully, you can follow a black line (my POE) as it travels along the shaft as the skin retracts.

                                                    retract 12 06


Mel's Project - Part I: Progress from 1997-2003

(for a PDF of this report, please click here and download)

In the below figure, the progress (over the course of ~six years: 1997-2003) in terms of total growth of shaft skin and various measures of "growth rates" for one restorer (me, Mel Senior) is reviewed.  Restoration methods included Tape Rings, T-Tapes, Packing, Weights as well as an internal expanding packing system (the DILE).  Measurements of growth were made periodically (using 2 different methods of measurement: Tape Strip vs Cardboard Tube).  Results show that good growth only occurred when I was an "active" restorer (and not taking "breaks") and that initial increases were due to a "non-growth stretch" (~0.5 inches) of shaft skin; when a restoration effort was stopped a "de-stretch" also occurred.  Overall growth of shaft skin during this period was ~5.25 inches with ~4.5 inches of this growth occurring during the first year of restoration.  Interestingly, this increase in shaft skin perhaps "released" ~1.4 inches of previously restricted erect penis shaft.  Growth rates in shaft skin during periods of intense/active restoration ("Restoration Effort Periods" – REPs) ranged from ~0.061 to 0.135 inches per week.  Tape Rings and T-Tapes appeared to focus growth on the "below POE" (Point of Equilibrium) skin, while the use of an internal expanding packing system (the DILE) appeared to focus growth on the "above POE" skin (when used without a strap) or balanced growth between "above POE" and "below POE" (when used with a strap).  The use of the DILE (with a strap) resulted in a growth rate (when normalized to starting skin length) of "above POE" skin that was ~2x faster than that of "below POE" skin (~0.016 vs 0.006 in/wk/start inch).  Additionally, increased growth rates with increases in available shaft skin (i.e., "exponential growth") is suggested by the available data, however this phenomena needs to be investigated further.  The data contained within this report suggest that an internal expanding packing system (the DILE) can help promote growth of the "above POE" skin (which would include "inner skin").

mel's progress 1997-2003


















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