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DILE Insert
Foreskin Restoration System



Welcome to the DILE Insert web site!

This site will serve as a guide to the

DILE Insert

Foreskin Restoration System*

*The original expanding foreskin restoration device!

First introduced for sale in 1998!


I run this web site and make the DILE Insert for fellow Restorers "on the side" and make every effort to respond to e-mail inquires within 24 hours.

Additionally, because the DILE is hand made, I never accept payment until your specific order is ready to ship.

It is now appropriate to provide the following brief disclaimer.

The web site that you are about to enter contains images and discussions of male sexual anatomy.  If you find this to be offensive or are younger than 18 years of age, please leave this site now.

For those of you who:

                      1) are older than 18 years of age


                      2) would like to learn more about the...

DILE Insert

Foreskin Restoration System


please read the below detailed disclaimer before entering this website (enter at bottom of page)

By entering this website, you are declaring that:

you are at least 18 years of age;  you do not find pictures or discussions of male sexual anatomy to be offensive;  you do not find explicit discussions of sexual experiences to be offensive; you understand that the devices described herein and their uses are purely for "adult novelty" purposes only and are "entertainment"; you understand that no advice contained within this website should be used as a substitute for consultation with a physician;  you will not hold liable the people maintaining this website for your voluntary participation in activities described herein; you understand that engaging in foreskin restoration can result in injury; you understand that, like any personal choice, common sense should be used when participating in activities that you have never tried before and that you should participate and proceed with caution only after having thoroughly researched said activities; you understand that there are no guarantees (stated or unstated) of any specific "outcomes" resulting from participating in the activities described herein; you understand that any and all foreskin restoration activities should only be conducted under the supervision of a physician;  you are personally responsible for any consequences (physical or mental) that may result from engaging in any foreskin restoration activity;  you are releasing the creator of this website (and products contained herein) from any liability that may result from the use of any product or participation in any activity describe herein; and upon hitting the "enter" button below and entering this website you are declaring that you have read and understood all of the above


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